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“I was surprised how well EndoMune responded to my ailments and I started to feel better in less than two weeks. Now I am able to eat foods that would otherwise bother me later, and I feel like a new person. Thanks EndoMune and thank you to my doctor who recommended it.”
“My husband and I have been using your product, EndoMune, for about one year.  I am lactose intolerant and have suffered for years. It is an amazing product that has been such an easy solution to both of our digestive/bowel problems.”
“This product has been a life-saver. After being hospitalized with a blocked intestine I needed help. I’ve taken EndoMune for almost a year now and helped it has. This is a very effective product and I’ve had no GI problems since.”
“I have suffered from IBS for the last 10 years. I have tried many different solutions and none of them have come to my aid, but recently I have had the opportunity to try a bottle of the EndoMune. Since I have been taking this probiotic I have had almost 100% relief from the IBS.”
Dear Dr. Hoberman, I am writing this note in appreciation of you developing and bringing EndoMune to the pharmacies. I have been taking EndoMune every day for five or six years. It has helped to keep me healthy in many ways-especially I have had no stomach issues. I applaud you and thank you. Stay Well.
I finished 60 days of Endomune and what a difference! I am a believer. I went to a gastroenterologist in San Antonio and had a diagnosis of IBS. He told me I needed to take a probiotic every day. I went to a vitamin store in the Forum and they recommended your product. I have taken it faithfully and my symptoms disappeared. I also had severe muscle and joint pain that went completely away. My skin is so much better and I have energy. It is truly amazing and I know it’s from taking this probiotic. I’ve had these issues for years and I did nothing different.
I placed an order last night for a twin pack to make certain I do not run out.
I live in Spring Tx now and order through your website.
Thank you so much for Endomune. I will never be without it.

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